"We made it, Nessie, we made it!"

"Aye, we did that!" cried Nessie, overjoyed, and began to wag her tail - flattening a few lamp-posts in the process. But of course she saw to it that each and every one of them was straightened up again, before sliding gently into Old Father Thames, with Coojee at the helm.

Whereupon... Terror struck the capital!

On Westminster Bridge, horns blared, traffic jammed, buses collided...

Cats barked. Dogs miaowed. People went up the wall - literally...

Policemen moved themselves along. Tourists leapt from pleasure boats...

Statues crumbled. Fish flew. Pigeons fainted...

In short -


"It's a wee bit early for rush hour" muttered Nessie.

By now, they were alongside the Houses of Parliament. Gaping down at them from the windows was a sea of terrified faces. In a flash they were gone!

Nessie peeped over the parapet. There on a door, beneath a sign which said

"NO HAWKERS, NO CIRCULARS", another sign had been added -


"Monster yourself!" yelled Coojee.

"Och, dinna waste your breath, Coojee. Humans'll never understand. What do they care about Animal Rights - or the likes of us? Well, at least we tried, did we not? C'mon we'd best be off...."

And slowly and sadly they moved down the river towards the sea.

Then, as they were passing beneath Tower Bridge, they heard the sound of an approaching helicopter... and someone was shouting at them through a loudhailer.

"Stay where you are! Stay where you are! Hold your position! Do not move!"

They froze.

"What's happening?" cried Coojee. "What are they going to do to us?"

Suddenly they heard motor cycles screaming onto the bridge. They looked up and saw a long black limousine glide to a halt. And out of it stepped.....

Well, as you know, the letters V.I.P. stand for Very Important Person. This was a V.I.P.I. - a Very Important Person Indeed! And she, having heard about the commotion at Westminster from her pet corgies, who in turn had had it from a certain pigeon in Trafalgar Square, had immediately guessed what the problem was. And since Nessie was as much a subject of hers as anybody else, she now pronounced these words...
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