Royal Proclamation

"Nessie MacNess of Loch Ness, Inverness,
I hereby declare you a protected creature of this, our realm.
I further decree that henceforth ...
you shall be treated with the respect due,
not only to a National Institution,
but, at the age of one million years,
Britain's most senior citizen.
In short, let no-one ever again call you 'Monster'."

"Hear, hear!" cried Coojee.

"Hear, hear!" echoed the crowd and began to cheer.

And as Nessie and Coojee bowed low to this great lady, they remembered with gratitude the friends who had helped them on their long journey.....

Sean, - Dylan, - Blodwyn, - Sir Jasper, -

Then, slowly, they turned and proceeded down river - the bells of London ringing in their ears and the crowds cheering them on their way.
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