Gradually they left the caves behind and found themselves in a tunnel. On and on they went - and so did the tunnel. They were beginning to despair when suddenly Coojee let out a cry.

"Look, Nessie - railway lines!"

"Aye - we cannae be far from London now".

Next moment they saw light ahead - the tunnel's end! They rushed forward excitedly and stopped, astonished - they had come out at Waterloo Underground Station!

And they weren't the only ones who were surprised - the people on the platform took one look at Nessie and ran screaming for the exits.

"Ah - that would appear to be the way out" said Nessie. "Come along, Coojee".

They soon found the escalators and made their way up.

They hadn't any tickets - but the ticket collector didn't seem too concerned!

Nessie and Coojee on the banks of the ThamesThey finally emerged onto the south embankment of the River Thames, and saw before them the spectacular London skyline - and slap bang in the middle - The Houses of Parliament!

They gazed around, taking in the famous landmarks they had so often seen in picture postcards.
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