Rolf on Saturday, OK?

Baz MD'd this show which ran in the 70's and 80's. The King's Thing and Sad Jolly Song are arrangements of songs from baz's album Diversions!, while The Space Medley features a tune by Baz's son Cornelius - "We're off on a Journey".
Video The King's Thing
Video Sad Jolly Song
Video Space Medley

Don't forget to have a look at the Rolf on Saturday, OK? album

Bertie the Bat

Baz wrote the music for this children's cartoon series, (about a bat called Bertie). Here's the theme and a sample of the underscore.
Bertie the Bat Theme
Bertie the Bat Underscore
Video Bertie the Bat video clip

Star Portrait

Star Portrait was the title of a television series for Harlech TV and involved Rolf Harris painting portraits of celebrities while interviewing them.

The audio track here is an initial demo of the sig-tune Baz composed for the series. (The finished product included singers).
Star Portrait

Hush Puppies

Here's a jingle Baz wrote for a Hush Puppies ad. The fools didn't use it.
Hush Puppies

Two of Us

Baz was invited to submit a sig-tune for a TV sit-com. It was not used.
Two of Us

An Easier Way of Living

Nat West commissioned these tidbits for their corporate film.
An Easier Way of Living 1
An Easier Way of Living 2