We Are Your Future (March 6 1994)

'We Are Your Future" is the title of the compelling eleven minute cantata, composed by Barry Booth, who also conducted the orchestra and choir. The libretto, composed by Barry Fantoni, calls for a soprano and a rock singer as well as children's voices. As the title indicates, the song asks us all to consider the future of children everywhere in what seems to be an increasingly uncaring world, a point intentionally underlined by the choice of young musicians and singers who performed to perfection on the day.
We Are Your Future

Better The World With A Song

"...a concert-like mélange or montage of glimpses, gestures, images, echoes, voices, phrases, memories, fragments of speech, song, and quotation. It consists of a plethora of signifiers that are often completely unconnected to any set or sequence of recognisably related signifieds in a represented world."

Punch's Christmas Carol, 1846

Score Punch's Christmas Carol, 1846
Booth / Leigh
Punch's Christmas Carol, 1846

The Lady and the Knight

Score The Lady and the Knight
The Lady and the Knight

Love Knows No Limit (The Rose and the Thistle)

This wedding anthem was written in 2005 to be performed at the marriage ceremony, at Chelsea Old Church, of Dudley Winterbottom, secretary of the Chelsea Arts Club.

It was sung by Voces8, who later made this recording.

Score Love Knows No Limit
Booth / Fantoni
Love Knows No Limit (The Rose and the Thistle)
Voces8 - previously Voces Cantabile

Heart Garden Canatata (2006)

Heart Garden Cantata is a commissioned work  performed by Wandsworth Borough Primary Schoolchildren, accompanied by a professional orchestra, on 5th July,2006, at Fairfield Concert Hall, Croydon, London.