The mad scientists / Coojee meets Nessie

At last he arrived on the shores of Loch Ness. And what a hullaballoo there was! Crowds and crowds and crowds - film cameras, reporters, tourists, pipe bands, souvenir sellers - Coojeebear had never seen so many people! And slap bang in the middle - half-a-dozen very serious-looking men in white coats.

"The scientists!" thought Coojee,

"But what on earth is that strange-looking contraption they're fiddling with? All knobs and dials and levers and fiddly-diddly bits."

And then, as he got up close to it, he saw a notice on top:


"What does it do?" asked Coojee.

"Vell, my leetle friend" said the chief scientist, "As soon as ve are mended thees fuse, I vill pressing thees button and the machine, she vill be sending down a big noise - BOOM!"

Coojee nearly fell over in shock, and clapped his hands over his ears.

"You see!" said the scientist, "You thought that vos loud, but the boom, she vill be a thousand times as loud - she vill be painful - and the monster vill be forced to come up and show himself!"

Coojee frowned and shook his head. It all sounded a bit cruel.

"We're ready over here, chief!" shouted one of the other scientists.

The crowd fell silent ... and the countdown commenced.


"Who said that?" screamed the scientist.

"Me!" said Coojee, "I think you're all horrible!"

"Silence!" cried the scientist, "Take him away! Now - as I vos saying ... before I vos most rudely interrupted, ...


He pushed the button. Coojee waited for the boom but, to his surprise, heard nothing.

However, in the deep, dark, doomy depths of the Loch, where no light ever shone...

Meanwhile, back on the surface, the crowd waited anxiously. Then suddenly -


Everyone turned. It was Coojeebear - floating in a little boat just off the shore.

"Stop it!" he cried, "Leave the poor thing in peace!"

The scientists ignored him, twiddled their knobs and dials and levers and fiddly-diddly bits to make the boom even more unbearable, and again pressed the button....

Almost immediately, Coojeebear felt his boat lifted clean out of the water. Up, up, up he went. All at once he stopped... and there he was, suspended in mid-air. There was a great gasp from the crowd. There they were down on the shore staring up at him in terror. Next moment they were all running away shouting "The Monster! The Monster!"

"Who, me?" thought Coojee and peeped over the edge of the boat.

"Aaagh!" he cried, and toppled out into the water. Coojee topples out of his boat


Imagine the monster's surprise at seeing a funny little bear falling off its head - then sinking into the water.

"Och, the puir wee thing! It cannae swim! Nessie to the rescue!"

And very carefully and very gently (because Nessie was a lady monster) she scooped Coojee out of the water, took him to the shore, shook the excess water off him, then hung him up to dry on a nearby tree.

And in the rays of the setting sun softly blew warm air over him to help.

Coojee woke up with a start.

"Stop! Where am I?"

"Hush, now. You've had a nasty turn. - But dinnae fash yersel' aboot them callin' you a monster. I don't think you're a monster. I think you're a bonny wee chap, - and p'rhaps ye'll tell me yer name?"

"Well, erm, my name's Coojeebear and, er, excuse me, - but I think it was you they were calling 'Monster'.
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