Yin + Yan

Tales for Heads
Today will be yesterday tomorrow. . . . . .
Our tales are in our heads!Bashwood Snells

Our thanks to : Lynn Wheeler (Miss Typist 1834), High Bullen Hotel, Dr. John Henderson (Information and Inspiration) and all the EMI staff.

Fellow Artists : Norma (Wardrobe) Ronald, Lucy (Tiny Taps) Winter, Browen (Zanbaby) Williams and Peter (Gemanic Songster) Denis.

Our Special thanks to Robert 'Fingers' Parker and Barry (£4 for acting) Booth for all their help.

Walkie-Talkie Sunrise
Chat Show
Alright Nurse No. 1
How Much?!
Open Wide
Alright Nurse No. 2
Butch Soap
Baz Sez... Video If...
Down The Line!
Alright Nurse No. 3
Don't Kick the Monkey
Stamping Rampant Through Your Early Januaries
Walkie-Talkie Sunset
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