In 1975, prior to making TALES FOR HEADS, Chris Sandford, Bill Mitchell and I had cut a single spoofing the Telly Savalas talking version of the David Gates song, 'If', (which had graced the UK hit parade earlier that year).

In April our spoof version went in the charts at number 9 (the B-side was 'Butch Soap') and we were invited to appear on BBC's 'Top Of The Pops'.

We were presented in silhouette so that Bill, who parodied the famously shaven-headed Kojak star, could wear a 'bald' wig for effect. The studio recording date clashed with the start of the honeymoon trip which my beautiful and ever patient wife Liz and I had booked to follow our wedding, which had taken place on April 5th.

She very obligingly began our honeymoon without me, accompanied by my five year old son, Cornelius, allowing me to join them later.