Sad Jolly Song

Lyrics by Terry Jones
Hey doo! Hey dee!
Life is full of misery!
Hey doo! Hey dum!
Isn't it just… by gum!

A maiden and a Cyclorax
Were wandering arm in arm.
He was full of gin and beer
And she was full of charm.
Said the maiden to the Cyclorax
"Pray, will you marry me?"
But the Cyclorax turned sky blue pink
And floated out to sea.

Oh a maiden and a Bosiphur
Were strolling hand in hand.
He was small and very poor
But she was awfully grand!
She turned to him and whispered
In a voice you couldn't hear
"Will you be mine, sweet Bosiphur?"
But the Bosiphur said "Oh, dear!"

Oh a maiden and a Poltroonerk
Were standing side by side.
He was dark and six foot tall
But she was six foot wide!
Said the maiden to the Poltroonerk
"You are handsome as can be!"
And the Poltroonerk looked in her eyes
And said "OH, MARRY ME!"

Hey doo! Hey dee!
His heart was won with flattery.
Hey doo! Hey dum!
Wasn't it just… by gum!
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