We Are Your Future

UNICEF recording
Music composed by Barry Booth, Libretto by Barry Fantoni
A moment of history was made at BBC's Maids Vale One studio on Sunday March 6 994, when the London Schools Symphony Orchestra and a choir of 250 Wandsworth schoolchildren recorded the official anthem for UNICEF. It is the first time a major charity has adopted an anthem, or even recognised the need for the strong musical identity which an anthem is capable of providing.

'We Are Your Future" is the title of the compelling eleven minute cantata, composed by Barry Booth, who also conducted the orchestra and choir. The libretto, composed by Barry Fantoni, calls for a soprano and a rock singer as well as children's voices. As the title indicates, the song asks us all to consider the future of children everywhere in what seems to be an increasingly uncaring world, a point intentionally underlined by the choice of young musicians and singers who performed to perfection on the day.

In addition to the regular members of the LSSO, itself an example of excellence in spite of the present climate of educational cutbacks, and a twenty strong recorder section, a number of leading professional musicians gave their services free. This again illustrated a central point made by the song, that those who have acquired wisdom have a duty to pass it on to the young.

Score We Are Your Future

The Musicians
Keith Airey - guitar
John Bakewell - double bass
Oliver Butterworth - solo violin
John Gray - double bass
Dave Lee - french horn
Henry Lowther - flugelhorn Steve Pearce - bass guitar
Dave Rogers - kit drums
Olive Simpson - Soprano solo
Phil Todd - Alto saxophone
Bill Worrall - vocal solo and keyboard

John Middleton - musical producer
London Schools Symphony Orchestra
Matthew Batty (leader)
Sam Booth
Joanna Burke
Oliver Cope
Nicholas Curror
Peter Deveson
Sophie Donut
Louise Eaton
Kirsten Fallas
Helen Field
Eleanor George
Christine Gestra
Emily Graves
Peter Hannon
Joanne l—Iiett
Amanda Johnson
Edie Kahler
Charlotte Lary
Anna Linden
Rosie Lowdell
Anna Maloney
Andy Ng
David Norwell
Lashian Peiris
Sally Quail
Jacob Reed
Saul Reuben
David Stevenson
Clarence Tam
Hay Tuan Vu
Jason White
Jefferson White
Dominique Wang-Mm

Chloe Cina
Rosalind Hanson
Claire Henderson
Nicholas Pierce
Becky Pugh
Jonathan Shave
Clara Thomas

Saffron Allwood
Chloe Bezer
Iessa Goodoree
Susanna Howard
Tania Lopez
Hannah Lynes
Olivia Mudie
Archie Natividad
Tessa Oakley
Esta Orchard
Kate Rattenbury
Hannah Shield

Double Bass
Mariana Bakewell
Harley Gray

Susan Jiwey
Holly Rogers
Maria Ruffell
Sophie Tract

Rebecca Davies
Rachel O’Toole
Rebecca Reeves
Rosetta Robinson

Christopher Miller
Thomas Woodcock

Pascal Fallas
Robert Ford
Thomas Kennedy
May Thompson
Benjamin Wong

Joseph Bentley
Lynn Rajah

Dominic Ellis

Side Drum
Sarah Dicker
Vicki Gluck