The Love of Art!
Music by Barry Booth and Barry Fantoni, Book and Lyrics by Barry Fantoni
Art! is a musical set in the world of Tin Pan Alley in 1950's London. The eponymous Art is a struggling songwriter, years ahead of his time, who has to come to terms with the harsh realities of the cheesy pop-music scene of the time.

Since it's original inception, Art! has been re-titled The Love of Art!. It was snapped up by the great Bill Kenwright Organisation since when it has languished in a drawer somewhere in his office. Bill has promised to mount a production, someday...

Change My Diaper
PAMPERS (Christine)
My Baby Loves to Bobby Sox
D GANG (Michael)
Pain In The Blood
ART (Ronnie)
Art's Blue Monday
ART (Ronnie)
Lordy, Lordy, Lordy
EAST CROYDON SKIFFLE GROUP (Michael and Barry Fantoni)
I Can't get Him Out Of My Mind
ART & HELEN (Christine and Ronnie)
No Longer Sure
BUCK (Michael)
Deepest of Nights
SIS & ART (Christine & Ronnie)
This Sudden Love
ART & HELEN (Christine and Ronnie)
The Big Architect *
A Number One
3M'S (Michael, Ronnie and Barry Fantoni)
Captain of Heartaches
BUCK & 3M'S (Michael)
Napolitano Mambo
BUCK & 3M'S (Michael)
Just One Cappuccino
BUCK & 3M'S (Michael)
Don't Give Your Love to a Dreamer
BUCK (Michael)
Animals In The Zoo *
Sunny Beach *
The Name That's Written On My Heart
HELEN (Christine)
Spanish Lady Tango *
Let The Good Times Begin
COMPANY (Ronnie, Christine and Michael)
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