You Know It's Christmas

Lyrics by Cornelius Booth
Have you heard the children singing
Carols at the station?
Happy girls and boys!

Wait 'n' see what Santa's bringing!
See the decoration!
Windows full of toys!

When you hear choirs in the street rejoice
With 'Jingle Bells' and children's voices ringing
(They're out collecting for some good cause
And further on a Santa Clause is singing)
You know it's Christmas.

Buying presents for your cousin
(Nothing too expensive).
Posting off your cards,

Eating mince pies by the dozen
(Calory intensive).
Losing at Charades.

They're selling trees in the market place
And ev'rywhere are smiling faces lifted.
The people's feet walking to and fro'
Soon clear the pavement where the snow has drifted.
You know it's Christmas.

Deck the halls with bows of holly
Turkeys getting plumper!
Candles in the dark!

'Tis the season to be jolly
Wear a woolly jumper!
Snowmen in the park!

The leafless trees freeze and look so bleak
And laughing children's snowballed cheeks are rosy.
The north winds blow cold about your head
But inside you feel warm instead and cosy
Because it's Christmas.

Think of all the lonely people.
(No need to be greedy).
Open up your heart.

Bells proclaim from ev'ry steeple
"Give unto the needy".
Now's the time to start;

We're singing "Goodwill and peace on earth"
To celebrate the Holy Birth of Jesus.
God sent His Son so that we might know,
Whatever happens here below He sees us.
And in December we spread the joy,
Remembering the Birthday Boy at Christmas.
And now it's Christmas!
Hooray for Christmas!
Merry Christmas!