Mirrored Image - Rolf Harris

I think the one thing this album does is to mirror many images of me. All this material is new except 'She’ll Be Right' and the recording - for me, at any rate — is new in style. This is thanks in no small measure to the expertise of engineer Steve Lillywhite, the music know-how of my MD, Barry Booth, and particularly — the help, guidance and enthusiasm each step of the way from producer Mike Smith. I loved every minute of it, and I hope you enjoy the end product as much as we enjoyed making it. Let’s do it again some time!from the Rolf's covernotes

Every Mother's Son
Lazy Day
Turkey Strut*
Black Midnight Swamp
Eefin' and Eyefin' Freak*
Bargin' Down the Thames*
Just Can't Wait to Hold You
She'll Be Right*
Northern Territorian*
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