Two pieces for shakuhachi and strings

In July 1997 the London Schools Symphony Orchestra visited Japan and Baz was delighted when he was invited to compose a couple of pieces, 'Blue Lullaby' and 'Shimabara No Komoriuta', for their chamber string ensemble to accompany the great Japanese shakuhachi player, Yoshikazu Iwamoto, at a concert held at the British Embassy.

'Blue Lullaby', was performed again later that year at the Barbican concert hall. Baz was not able to be present at the concert in Japan.

However he attended the first rehearsal of the pieces in London before the orchestra went. Using a hand-held cassette-machine he recorded the rehearsal and built up these MP3 tracks from that source. The recordings are a bit 'warts 'n' all' but they are all he's got!

Score Shimabara No Komoriuta
Score Blue Lullaby
Barry Booth
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