Henri Dupont

Lyrics by Terry Jones
For years, unspotted,
Henri Dupont wheeled his barrow in Marseilles.
But at last fate overtook him
And they came to take him away.

Wheeled his barrow in the market,
Rose at six and went to work.
But at last they came to get him;
Six Israelis and a Turk.

Wheeled his barrow, veg and 'cumbers;
Pomme-de-terred, and brussled sprout;
Cheered the people with his whistling;
"Essayez mes tomates!" he'd shout.

How the little kiddies loved him,
Scampering round him, out of breath.
But now the hate and torture chambers
And the horrors worse than death!

Henri Dupont, in the market;
Singing all the livelong day,
Really couldn't understand it
When they came to take him away.
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