Children of England / Sweet Thames

Now sing aloud, you children of England.
Raise your voices in harmony.
You're the future of this land.
From our cities and towns offer up your song
Over pasture and hill where families of wild flowers throng.

From streams and becks in western hills,
Quenching the land, you flow.
Through town and field you wend your way,
Stately and slow.
Softly beneath the
Bridges of London you run.
And on toward the rising sun,
Sweet Thames.

How silvery on a winter's morn,
Dazzling to behold!
And, as the sun in summer sets,
Dancing with gold!
Each day you sparkle
And in your waters at night,
Like stars, reflect our London lights,
Sweet Thames.

In days gone by, the children of England
Gave their lives for your liberty;
For the freedom of this land. We will prosper and thrive while Old England's free
As the birds of the wood that nest in the old oak tree.

Lift up your hearts, you children of England;
Pray for peace and prosperity
For all people in this land;
And wherever you go let your heart speak true.
May your fortune be fair and fruitful your whole life through.

Nor Mississippi nor the Seine,
Neither is half so fair.
Though Amazon flows wide and long
She'll not compare.
River, surpassing
Yangtze and Danube and Nile;
A jewel in this Sceptred Isle.
Sweet Thames.

God bless you all, dear children of England,
May your country be proud of you
As the future of this land.
On your journey through life in the years to come
May you ever be proud and glad to call England home.
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