Opening Hymn

Lyrics by Barry Booth

Now let us join as one this Jubilee
To honour our sovereign.
Long may she reign,
Prosper and sustain.
In joyful song
Now we praise her.
Loud and long
Cheerful and strong.
Across the land, in every corner, sing
God bless our Queen.

[To be spoken by all]

God most high, most great, who hast founded all things in heav'n and earth, direct thy handmaiden, our queen, and illumine her soul with the Light of Thy unbounded wisdom, that she may honour Thy name through her whole life with true service and piety.

Grant, most loving father, for the glory of Thy name, to all ranks of this Thy kingdom the fullness and continuation of Thy peace, that they by turns may devote themselves to one another in charity, that they may love each other and do each other kindnessess. That they each may walk in their vocation piously, justly and soberly.

Be present also, God most high, Governor, Ruler of ev'ry prince, by whom kings rule, to whom belongs all strength. Since Thou art the supreme King and Protector, may we all serve Thee in unity of spirit to Thy eternal glory.

(Lines written by Elizabeth 1)
We offer up this prayer to Thee, O Lord,
For Thine is the Kingdom.
Fountain of Love,
Lead us from above.
Shine forth Thy Light.
Guide our future.
Lord, we pray,
Grant us this day
Undying love for dear Elizabeth.
God save our Queen!
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