Baz at Work and Play

  • Baz footles at the piano

  • Aloha!

  • Baz with his biggest fan

  • Baz profile

  • Westy and Baz do Zorba

  • Keep on rollin'

  • Rock and Roll-Ups

  • Mmmmm, bagels...

  • The Band

  • Piste again in Idaho

  • It takes roo to tango

  • Baz

  • Rolf Harris" />

    Baz and Rolf Harris

  • Rolf Harris in Idaho" />

    Baz and Rolf Harris in Idaho

  • Grease band" />

    Baz and the Grease band

  • On the road with the band

  • Baz and a couple of Mounties (The Mounties are on either side)

  • Baz enjoying a drink. Again.

  • He also has a bear behind...

  • Coojeebear and the Monster" />

    Baz conducts Coojeebear and the Monster

  • Rictus