Lie to Me

I was lost and lonely
It was Monday only
And the thought of having to wait
Till Friday when we had our date
For me was too much
I longed for your touch
So I thought as a little surprise
There on your doorstep I'd be
Little did I realize
The surprise it would be for me
Tell me it isn't true
Tell me my eyes didn't see
That other girl laughing with you

Lie to me
I beg you
Lie to me
I need so much to believe that you still care
Tell me it was my imagination
And that girl I saw you with wasn't really there
Sitting in the chair I used to sit in
Drinking from a glass I used to drink from
Sharing all the things we used to share
Lie to me
For God's sake
Lie to me
For the truth would be too terrible to bear.
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